Troubleshooting tips:

Please read this list first. If you are unable to figure out your issue contact us directly for help.

Whip Lights:

Question: No power?

Answer: Check ground, check power at end of the wire with a meter (note: not a test light) and verify 12v. Check all fuses, switches, etc. Some switches do NOT work with whip lights due to voltage drops/back feeding.

Question: My whip light only has one color!

Answer: Check white controller that plugs into whip pole. We include 1 extra controller with every purchase in case you need it. Verify controller is plugged in and working. Check batteries in whip remote.

Question: My whip light wont change colors with the remote!

Answer: Check white controller (as mentioned above) check batteries in remote. Check line of sight of controller (the eye is on the side of the white controller) check 12v power



Question: My light wont come on!

Answer: Check all fuses, CHECK THE GROUND!, Check for 12v power with a meter

Question: My light has moisture in it!

Answer: Was it extremely humid outside? Did you recently wash it? Contact us directly.

Question: I have 12v at the relay but not at the end of the light. What wrong?

Answer: Most likely the relay has gone bad. Relays can be purchased at most auto parts stores or through us.

Question: I broke my light mounts, what do I do now?

Answer: Contact us for replacements